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L'Auberson small

This solid walnut box has been made in our cabinet-making workshop for nearly 60 years. Its classical lines make it a timeless piece which musical qualities come both from our wood assembling technique and from the resonance wood.It's very Zen finish is the result of lightly blown lacquer.


All our items are made in Switzerland in our workshop in l’Auberson with formaldehyde-free products. We choose FSC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests. Depending on the music, you need one to three weeks to assemble the piece, each of which is unique. Our collaborators have been loyal for decades and we value their well-being. We pay all social insurances and taxes, because it is under these conditions that everyone can live with dignity.


Our team of craftsmen put their best energy to offer you products, which bring happiness. Thank you to them.

L'Auberson small

SKU : AXA-36-5301-000_E
    • Reuge movement 1 tune, 36 notes, 1 cylinder
    • Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 7 cm
    • Manual key winding
    • On/off pushbutton switch
    • Invisible mechanical movement
    • Swiss made


    Wood is a living material and this item should not be exposed to direct sunlight or to temperature variations and humidity, which could damage it. Being a natural wood product, variations in colour or wood texture are normal.


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