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Designers, watchmakers, creators

Lovers of find craftsmanship with exquisite taste, we warmly welcome you and look forward to entering into a creative collaboration to help you realise your dreams.

The curiosity and passion that drive us allow us to take up the challenge given by our clients of achieving complex pieces of high-level workmanship.

Music Boxes

Our workshop is located in the village of L’Auberson, near Sainte-Croix, which is the world capital of the music box, and also the home of Reuge Manufacture with whom we have been collaborating closely since 1960. Have a look at our shop and discover our creations such as the music boxes.





Boîtes a Musique Etienne Jaques
Solid Wood – Strict selection 

We choose FSC-certified wood from sustainable forests for creating our music boxes and favour native tree species. The strict selection of each piece of wood is the guarantee of an exceptional sound and resonance as well as of a very high level of quality.

jaques etienne
Swiss Label 

Created in 1917, the Association for the promotion of Swiss products and services has gone by the name SWISS LABEL since 1989. A protected trademark, the SWISS LABEL crossbow logo can only be used by members. Each member has to certify that 70% of its product’s value is of Swiss origin. 

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